4 reasons why you should purchase a Handheld laser engraver over other engraving machines

In the past laser engraving and cutting, work would be done in factories and warehouses using very large industrial machinery. This method of completing work is still used and popular today. However, due to technology advancements, new versatile lasers are being utilized. These lasers can be used in any location and thus is taking preference over the larger machines.

As a result of this revolutionary technology, it has caused the engraving industry to grow with many handheld laser businesses opening and offering their engraving services.

Many freelancers have started businesses engraving in Niche markets. This is due to the want of customized items which can be easily completed by the handheld laser engraver.

Work remotely

One of a handheld lasers biggest benefits is its size. It can literally fit into the palm of your hand. This latest technology is portable and can be operated from anywhere. Most of these handheld engravers can be connected and controlled by Bluetooth or USB connection and operated by a specific software. Some can even be controlled by smart applications. Again this shows its benefit to anyone that wishes to work remotely. This makes it a perfect choice for someone that does not want to be restricted to engraving in a factory or using bulky tool-based applications.  This is probably of the main reasons why a lot of freelance engraving services have sprung up lately.  Martinbox has a number of these Bluetooth operated machines available at https://www.markinbox.eu/product/markinbox-mb8020s/ .

High speed and more time efficient than other engraving machines

The beauty of this effective handheld machine is its time efficiency. It will easily complete faster than other laser methods.  The machine has a high-speed scan that will allow the operator to engrave and finish work quickly making it the most time-efficient choice. Not only is it a faster method for engraving objects it also offers higher quality precision when engraving. This makes it a more reliable option to produce custom work as this technology offers the most accurate processing methods in the engraving industry meaning detailed graphics can be engraved even on the smallest surfaces.

This versatile choice can mark any material

Handheld lasers are ideal for completing custom and personalized work as they can be used to engrave detailed graphics of a variety of materials. These machines can engrave dozens of materials and will work most effectively on materials such as on wood, metals, plastics, glass, and acrylic, fabric, cardboard and stone.

A more cost-effective option

These handheld machines are much cheaper to purchase than larger machines that are used in factories. Using the portable handheld machine means that you will not have to rent or buy a huge factory to operate in, again this will save money. Maintenance costs are another expense that needs to be factored. With these machines, there is minimal maintenance required. This is because laser engraving is a non-contact process. Therefore there will be no wear and tear on the device, ensuring it has a long operational life.