The benefits of using dog crates when traveling

Driving a car can be stressful experience on its own for the driver. This stress can elevate when you have your energetic and curious pooch as a passenger. As most car journeys are an unfamiliar environment for the dog, this can cause it to act in strange ways compared its usual behavior. Normally most dogs are calm creatures but they can become excited or nervous when they are going on a road trip even if it is with their owner. 

Your pooch can become a hazard

The dog can become a hazard moving freely and jumping around the car. Even when driving at low speeds, an accident can still be the outcome. For instance, if they see another fellow canine or animal it can also cause them to become rowdy and jump around the car possibly distracting the driver or blocking the driver’s vision. 

Common ineffective attempts to resolve this issue

You might often see another passenger holding and supervise the dog when traveling. However, this does not safely control the animal. Should he or she become rowdy, the person will have a hard time controlling the dog which could break free. This designated person needs to have 100% attention focused on the dog for the whole journey as they can get into all sorts of trouble and mischief if they do not have someone to keep an eye on them completely. Especially during pup and adolescent stage dogs who are a bit more curious and mischievous. 

Using dog crates are the safest way to travel

There is some controversy when it comes to the use of crates. Many dog owners refuse to crate them because they feel that confinement is cruel. However, crating provides safety for your dog when you are not able to fully supervise it

Please be aware that pooches that have never been in a crate before can find the experience both scary and distressing. That is recommended to give your hound crate training ahead of time. 

Maximize the experience by training your dog beforehand

Ok, you have got the crate but you cannot get the dog to go inside it or stay in it. This is often a huge problem with crates. However, it can be resolved by training for this occasion.

When done properly it is an effective dog management method that can literally be a lifesaver for owners and drivers. It is a great way to prepare the pooch for the future possibility of traveling.

A crate can also give the hound a sense of security as this safe and space will become familiar with it during the training process. As a result, it will have its scent as a recognizable smell. These familiar things can lower its stress levels during the journey.

As you can see crates are essential for any dog owner who frequently travels with their pooch. They are the best option to ensure the safety of the dog and the other car passengers. It is recommended to give it the necessary training beforehand so the dog will be prepared for future journeys and won’t be overwhelmed or distressed by the experience.