Bluetooth Speakers: Are they worth buying?

Nowadays more and more people prefer to buy Bluetooth speakers for their devices, since they offer a wide range of advantages to their users. They can be used in a variety of occasions like when someone wants to throw a party outside, when camping, when being on the beach or even when having a picnic in the countryside.  The majority of people though is not sure yet if Bluetooth speakers are worth buying or not. For that reason, this article will try to present both the advantages and disadvantages of Bluetooth speakers in order to give a better understanding of their capabilities and features.

First of all this article will present the advantages of Bluetooth speakers:

1. Portable

Bluetooth speakers are ideal for outdoor use for instance at the beach, while camping or on a picnic. They are quite small so they do not take too much space in the luggage and since they do not require any special installation they can be used immediately with a variety of devices and almost all mobile phones.

2. Excellent sound quality

The majority of Bluetooth speakers has a great quality of sound that will satisfy even the most demanding customer. In most cases Bluetooth speakers perform better that other speakers. Of course someone needs to  conduct a thorough research before deciding which model to purchase. Speaker Digital presents an extensive guide on Bluetooth speakers, their features and prices.

3. Good prices

One more advantage of Bluetooth speakers is the relation between price and quality. In most cases, the Bluetooth speakers offer such a convenience and good quality of sound that the price that someone needs to pay is very small. Also there are different price ranges depending on how much money someone is willing to spend.

4. No cables

Since Bluetooth speakers do not need wires in order to function, there are no messy situations with tangled cables and adapters.

5. No Wi-Fi needed

One other advantage of Bluetooth speakers is that they do not need to be connected to a Wi-Fi network in order to work. They are simply connected to the music device and after a minimum installation (sometimes they require not installation at all) they function!

6. Attractive size and Design

Bluetooth speakers besides their use in order to listen to the music, can be seen as a beautiful decorative element. They come in a variety of colors and different shapes that someone cannot resist buying them. Especially millennials that always need to show off to their friends will find Bluetooth speakers a great gadget. So, they are an excellent gift option!

But unfortunately, as in all electronic devices there a few disadvantages to Bluetooth speakers that someone should have in mind before purchasing one. These disadvantages are the following.

1. Range

As all portable devices, Bluetooth speakers are able to reach a certain distance from the receiver. After that range they do not work. Also, in some cases if the speaker is very far away from the receiver (even if it is in the indicated range limit) the quality of the sound may decrease. So, special attention needs to be put on the range limits of the speakers and how that fits on the needs of the buyer.

2. Compatibility

Unfortunately, not all devices support Bluetooth Speakers. Almost all mobile phones are Bluetooth capable but there are many music players that are not, especially those of an old technology.

3. Energy Consumption

When comparing the power consumption of regular speakers and Bluetooth speakers, regular speakers are the winner. In relation to their wattage consumption, Bluetooth speakers deliver a weaker sound, less rich and in lower depth.

All in all, Bluetooth speakers are the perfect gadget for those who like outdoor activities like picnics and camping and would like to listen to music. But, they may not be an ideal solution for indoor use, since the regular, wired, speakers may deliver better results. All this of course depend on the price that someone is willing to pay in order to purchase a speaker and the specific features of each speaker. That is why before buying a speaker someone needs to conduct a thorough search in what is available on the market.