Baby Talk

Communicating With Your Baby Like A Pro

Knowing why babies cry and what they mean when they cry will work wonders in the communication. In a systematic manner, most babies tend to cry at the end of the day. This type of behavior has more explanations. For example, some babies feel the necessity to express themselves and unload emotions accumulated during the day. On a different note, babies are also afraid of the dark. Plus, think about their capacity to sense your feelings as well. If you are tired and stressed out, your baby knows that, so they share exactly the same emotions.

When Babies Cry

Babies CryWhen crying at the end of the day, babies become a nightmare once you get back from work. Preparing dinner and resting are the last things you can do. However, it is critical to keep calm. The more nervous you become, the more your baby will cry. Tell yourself that the baby needs to unload themselves, so this is the optimal way to do it. There is no such thing as a miraculous remedy, but do not turn impatient. With time, your baby’s reactions will blur. There is a secret though. If you have tried everything (from petting and feeding to playing and massaging) and the baby still cries, just stay calm and keep calming them down with your voice.

Pay Attention to the Temperature

Babies Cry qGenerally, parents have the tendency to overdress their babies. They are just like you though. When you are hot, they are hot. If you feel good in a pajama, it makes no sense to dress your baby with two sets of blouses. Keep an eye on the back of the head and try to feel it. If it is slightly wet or too hot, it means the temperature is too high and you need to uncover them. Leave the socks on.

On the other hand, babies cannot really protect themselves against cold. If you are cold, they are colder. The optimal temperature at all times should be around 19 degrees Celsius. Most babies catch a cold when they take a bath, so adjust the temperature before taking their clothes off.

The More They Grow, the Less They Cry

After 6 months, babies tend to forget about crying. They only do it when they actually have a serious problem, so identifying the cause is piece of cake. It does not mean that you can take your time and rest a little. At this age, there are other causes that may cause discomfort and issues, so the educational process is continuous.

Babies Can Get Bored

baby2Babies who learn and discover too many things might get bored. If they do not feel like being alone in their cribs, give them some safe objects to investigate. They need company, so get them involved in all your actions. They cannot always participate, but at least keep them close, so they can keep an eye on you while you keep an eye on them.

In the end, communicating with your baby can be stressful at first, but things turn out well in the long run.