Facts About Lower Right Back Pain

Back pain is a common condition and forms one of the most common conditions that take patients to the doctor. It is one of the most researched conditions because of the pain it causes and its progression to a chronic state if it is not managed early.

The back is a large area of the body, running right from a point above your waistline to the shoulder. This means that any prognosis can indicate one or more things. Diagnosis of back pain takes into consideration many things including muscles, the spine, vertebra, and ligaments. Today we focus on the back pain that occurs in the lower right quadrant; we shall call it lower right back pain. Before we understand about this pain, we have to understand the muscles that work in this area.

The Muscles in the Lower Right Back

The extensor muscles exist in the gluteal area and the lower part of the back. They help you to sit straight. Injury to this group of muscles occurs when you sit for long hours in a poor posture. The muscles can also become strained causing you soreness. Another cause of injury to this muscle is inflammation due to injury or sickness.

To rotate your spine in the lower part of the back, you need the oblique muscles. This muscle group allows you to turn. An injury to this group makes it hard for you to turn the right way.

The flexor muscles allow you to bend your body forwards, which is ideal when lifting an item for instance. Injury to the left flexor can lead to pain in your right flexor due to the imbalance that occurs.

Stiffness is A Common Occurrence

It is common for you to experience pain in the lower right part of the back. The reason for this is that the lower back is prone to injury since it is used during lifting. When you lift an item using a poor technique, you stand to put your back out of balance. If you work in an environment that requires you to carry heavy items on a daily basis, your lower back will be at risk of wear and tear.

Muscle Strain

Stress to any of these muscle groups leads to lower back pain. Strain to any back muscles leads to tightening of the back muscles in that particular location. Muscles that end up tightening will lack the energy to support your spine. The sad thing is that you might not realize the presence of muscle strain until it is in an advanced stage.

If the stress is frequent, and you don’t take the right measures to relieve the strain, you are the perfect victim of lower right back pain. Visit Free Your Spine today to read more about lower back pain.

When is This Pain Termed Severe?

When you experience lower right back pain for two weeks or more, or you feel numb, then you need to see the doctor immediately.

In Closing

Don’t overlook any pain that develops in the back. Failure to handle it immediately can make the condition chronic.