Four Great Wedding Gifts

Four Great Wedding Gift Ideas

You’ve been invited to a friend’s wedding, and all you can think about is the free food and alcohol and what a great chance it’ll be to dress up and let loose. Then you receive an email from them gently reminding you where you can find their registry online – just in case you were thinking about getting them something that someone else had already ordered. Except that you weren’t thinking about getting them anything because you hadn’t thought that far ahead yet. Buying gifts for people’s birthday and the anniversary is hard enough, without having to fork out for a wedding present. You don’t want to make it look like you put no effort into the thought of it, but you also don’t want to break the bank getting them something that they might only use once. Here are four great wedding gift ideas that will take the stress out of trying to choose.

Carry-On Luggage

Unless they’re putting all their money into the wedding itself and haven’t even thought about what happens after, chances are they have a honeymoon planned and booked. They’re soon going to be jetting off together, starting a fresh chapter in their life – so why not accompany this new experience with a fresh set of carry-on luggage? Most people rarely find the time to upgrade their carry on bags to something nicer, and if they’ve spent the last couple of years saving for a wedding and honeymoon, chances are they haven’t even dragged it out of the closet to see if it’s still worth keeping. Send them away happy and refreshed with a stylish, matching set of carry-on luggage – it’s a practical gift and will be something that comes in handy for years to come every time they book a trip anywhere.

Snack Of The Month

One thing that has come out of the last twenty years of food innovation is food delivery. With the hectic lives that you all lead, everybody pricks their ears up when they hear the word “convenient” and “food” – nobody has the time anymore to spend more than forty-five minutes cooking dinner. Get original with your wedding gift idea and give them something they can appreciate well after they get back from the honeymoon and into the reality of daily life. Through numerous catering businesses, you can set up a monthly subscription to snacks – yes, snacks – that get delivered right to their doorstep in the mail. It’s the ideal gift for somebody who loves trying out new food, getting things in the mail, and forgetting about things only to be surprised by them again every time. You can subscribe for three, six or however many months you like.

Espresso Machine

Most people like their coffee and some are desperately attached to it. So the chances are that your friend or the person that they are marrying like coffee, which means that you can’t go wrong with any gift that has anything to do with the stuff. Buying them an espresso machine for their wedding is a generous move and on the other end of the price scale – but also something that will long outlast most of the other things they could put on their registry. This is both a practical and a decadent gift, as most people pine for a fancy way to make barista coffee at home, but can’t come up with enough reasons to spend the money it takes to achieve this. Check out for an extensive range of espresso machine reviews, helping you to make an informed decision.


Let’s go back to thinking about how you can help them save time cooking or buying food – everybody wants a way that they can do this. A crockpot is a perfect gift for people on the go that don’t necessarily have the time or energy to put everything into cooking the perfect dinner every night. It’s also a kitchen appliance that’s guaranteed to be used more than once – there are so many uses for it that they’ll soon find themselves making excuses to spend more time in the kitchen so that they can watch their meals cook themselves.

In Conclusion

Perusing a friend’s wedding registry is never a fun task, especially when all the good gift ideas have already been taken and you’re stuck with the toaster and the kitchen towels. But crossing the line a little bit and thinking outside the box could pay off in the long run. Think about what you would like to receive as a wedding gift, and go from there. Unless they’re the polar opposite of you and hate everything you love, chances are you’ll come across something that they’ll get enough mileage out of to keep them happy for a few years.