How to Set your Hair in Rollers

Shampoo and set has a very rigid old fashioned ring to it and no wonder, it was what women did in the 1950’s and some still do. This entailed a weekly visit to the hairdresser, the hair would be washed and set in rollers, nice and tight, a sit down under a hood dryer and then combed out, coiffed a bit and liberal amounts of hairspray to keep it like that for the week! Hair became very stiff, often coated in heavy hairsprays and often with a harsh blue or pink rinse to help the “set”. Old habits die hard and if ladies from an older generation prefer to keep their hair in this style then who are we to judge? Except I cannot find a better way of putting it, shampoo and set! Now a shampoo and use of rollers/curlers does not have to mean uptight curls. You can use big rollers to straighten the hair. You can use smaller rollers to induce soft curls. In fact using a hood dryer is indirect heat and may be good for giving the hair a rest from very direct heat used in all heated products including blow dryers. It can also be used as a preparation for direct heat styling. So here is how to use rollers on your hair whatever length and whatever you are hoping to achieve. Preparation Get all your tools ready first (before you wash), shampoo, conditioner, shower comb, hooded hair dryer, leave in conditioner, wide tooth comb, fine tooth comb (rat tail comb!), section clips, setting lotion is optional, mesh rollers Also make sure you have a complete evening free to get your hair primed ready for styling then add on the time it will take to style if need be • Shampoo (may as well use a clarifying shampoo to get rid the hair of any previous product build up) • Condition your hair and rinse well • Parting your hair in the middle is easier for beginners (later you can try more creative ways) • Use mesh rollers, they are so easy as they just “grip” the hair • If you are aiming to curl your hair then setting lotion is a good idea • If you are aiming to straighten your hair you may find it better to leave out the setting lotion • Large rollers are needed for straightening long hair • Small and medium rollers are needed for curls and waves • You can use your fine tooth comb (with a tail) tail end to section your hair • Use section clips to keep hair out of the way • Sections do not have to be precise • Do not put too much hair into one roller as it will take a longer time to dry • With hair parted in the middle, section each side in the middle so you have four sections • This is where we need different instructions for curly or straight Straight • Start at the bottom and curl your hair around upwards • It needs to be quite taut • Work from the middle of the parting first • As you work upwards in this way you will soon have all your hair in large rollers ready to sit under the hood dryer Curls • Section in the same way but start at the front • Smaller rollers means more for curly styles • This time you need to work backwards and roll your hair downwards • Using your fine tooth tail-comb for sectioning and grips again • Again the sections do not have to be too exact • For curls it does not to be so taut Straight or curly • Use a wide triangle shaped hairnet • Get under the dryer on a low heat for about 15 minutes • Switch to a cool setting • Sit there! It depends on your hair type and the number of rollers for the drying time • When you feel ready, you can check one of the larger sections of hair to see if it is dry • It is not the end of the world if it is not quite dry, just roll it up again and get back under the dryer Don’t forget this is the only way of getting indirect heat to dry your hair apart from air drying in the sun! So make the most of it, give your hair a break! This can a great stand-alone way of styling your hair or it can be a precursor to using other styling tools including irons and curling wands. If you like the idea of curling your hair and do not feel confident about using rollers begin here with for some fantastic styling tools.