Why You Should Install an Automatic Garage Door Opener

As of right now, how do you feel about your garage? Are you 100 percent satisfied with it, or does it feel like something vital is missing? This is just an educated guess, but if you chose the latter question perhaps what you are looking for is an automatic door opener. Then again, maybe you feel like adding this sort of thing would only add flare (but would be a waste of money). Either way, you are about to find out why installing an automatic door opener to your garage would be a fantastic idea.

They Come in Handy

If you consistently park your vehicle in your garage, then aren’t you a little sick and tired of having to get out to open your garage door? Not only can this get annoying to do every single time you get home from work but when bad weather strikes, you become exposed to it. This is precisely why the best aspect of installing one of these is their convenience. If you happen to come home during a raucous thunderstorm or a swirling blizzard, you really don’t want to have to get out of your car to open your garage. With an automatic door opener installed, the garage door can be opened without ever leaving the inside of your vehicle.

Offer More Security

Maybe you live in a rough and tough neighborhood and are constantly worried about burglaries taking place. If this is a concern for you, and you have precious valuables in your garage (or a door to get into your home), then you will take pleasure in knowing that an automatic door opener will add security. As long as an outsider (who you don’t trust) doesn’t know the code, they can’t open the door. However, what’s reassuring about some models is that they will come with “rolling codes”. What this means is that every so often, the code will change. So, even if someone was able to get their hands on a previous code they would not be able to invade without the newest code.

Your Home Value Will Be Increased

It’s fair to assume that at this point in time, you have no interest in selling your home. However, it’s never bad to shoot for the future. Unless you are 100 percent sure that you will absolutely never sell your house, a good reason to add this would be to add value to your home. Depending on who you are attempting to sell it to, that individual (or family) may covet the fact that they would have an automatic garage door opener. After all, sometimes potential buyers will notice the outside features before the inside ones.

They Are Much Safer

You may not think so right away, but an automatic garage door opener is much safer than a traditional one is. First of all, with a traditional door opener installed you have to interact with it manually. This is not the case with an automatic version as it can be operated from a greater distance. Now, you may be asking how this is safer. What you need to do is remember that garage doors are not exactly light objects. If something happens (say it slips out from its tracks or a spring comes out) and it comes crashing down with you directly next to it, serious injuries (even death) can occur. Not only that but because of their automatic sensors, they won’t accidently come down with someone underneath.

Additional Modes

Depending on what model you end up purchasing, some will come with additional modes. One, in particular, that is extremely convenient is the vacation mode. As you might conclude with the name of the mode, this is used when you are gone for an extended period of time. For added security, if this mode is activated the only way to enter is through the control panel. Mainly, it’s a way to stop thieves from being able to open them with a “duplicate” remote (as many of the remotes have a limited number of frequencies).

So, let’s just say that you are sold and would like to invest in one of these. The best thing you can do now is head over to http://www.garageautomatics.com/chamberlain-group-wd1000wf/. There, you will find all of the necessary information (top-of-the-line reviews, buyers guide, etc.) you need to choose the model that suits you best. Once you pull the trigger, you will be able to experience for yourself all of the safety and convenience that an automatic garage door opener provides.