Juicing it Up For a Healthier Diet

A few years ago my friend showed me this movie that was based on a true story about a gentleman who chose to start juicing to begin a healthier life style. This movie was touching and very heartwarming. My friend and I decided that we should begin juicing too, for a healthier life style, but the main reason was to reach our weight loss goals. We were told that juicing was not for everyone and that some people could not live a healthy life style on juicing alone. Contrary to what we were told, we went out and each got a different type of juicer to start our new diet adventure.

Choosing a Juicer

The best smoothie blender can be found at a smoothie shop, but you can also have the same results at home with a single-style blender. Either way, a healthy fruit drink is ideal whether it is juiced or created into a smoothie. The preference is of the person that is drinking it. We chose to pursue juicers instead of the all in one, juicer/smoothie combinations that were available. My friend decided to spend over a hundred dollars on her juicer, whereas I decided that I was going to opt for the cheaper version, only spending about sixty dollars. We both started juicing the very next day after we purchased our juicers.

The Ingredients

I am a very big fan of fruit, mainly pineapples, but I found that I like other fruits as well. Many of the berries that we tried were those we had never purchased before. We were able to add special juices to our diet that were yummy and new. It was exciting to be able to create these tasty juices without having to worry about whether or not they were actually healthy for us. We knew they were. They were natural.

My friend, who loves bananas, tried to put everything imaginable in the juicer with bananas. She tried lime, grapes, grape fruit, oranges, apples, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, mangos, and so much more. Although she liked a few of the combinations, my friend prefers only using one fruit at a time to give the drink more flavor of that fruit. When we would discover a new taste, we would share it with each other and see if it was appealing to the other’s taste buds. Many times we would find that what I would like wouldn’t be remotely close to something my friend would like.

Finding Recipes

We had a great start with juicing because from watching the movie, we had an idea of what to start with. Although a lot of the juiced refreshments came from fruits, we were also tempted to try different vegetables. I preferred to mix things such as kale with apples for the apple taste but using the kale for its health benefits. There were thousands of combinations, some of them with two or three items, and a few with more than three or four items. We decided to at least try everything once, never knowing if we were about to taste our next diet craze.

The internet was a great source of information for juicing recipes as well. We were excited to find that we were not the only people who had started juicing after watching the inspirational documentary. Many people were acknowledging the fact that they could use a blender to do the same thing that the juicer would do, at half the price and at no cost of having to purchase a new appliance. However, to properly juice the peels of some fruits, you may need a stronger machine that is made for juicing.

The Results

After trying it for a little over a month, without eating any solid foods, my friend and I decided that it worked, but it was not ideal for our lifestyles as we were having to package up the juiced drinks and carry them everywhere for when we were starving. Juicing allowed us to see that you can lose weight on it, but if you had a love for food like we do, it might seem very hard to wrap your head around having a liquid diet versus having a few solid foods here and there with juicing on the side.