Keep Your Hair In The Best Possible Shape

You do not have to be an expert to realize that long hair requires more attention than short hair – and it actually deserves it. When it manages to get to your shoulders, it means that it has successfully survived for at least three years. It went through over 300 washing and drying sessions, so it must be quite strong. But then, caring for it demands special care, especially as it gains in length.

Best Tips for Long Hair Maintenance

Hair Maintenance 1Washing your hair is certainly not enough for long hair. Instead, you need to use the right balsam after each shampooing session. Do not make random choices though. If you do, you risk doing more bad than good. A special treatment for the hair should be applied once a week too.

On a different note, it is highly indicated to comb your hair before washing it. To most people, it does not really make any sense, yet this simple operation can prevent plenty of trouble. Fail to comb it and the shampoo will not reach to all the hair. Plus, shampoo can clog the hair if it is not combed upfront.

Do you use to gather your wet hair in a ponytail? Plenty of people do, yet this is a terrible mistake. It will take forever to air dry. Instead, let it free on your back. Keep in mind that wet hair is quite fragile as well, so it is likely to get damaged when “abused” while wet. Even a simple barrette can deteriorate hair.

Hair Maintenance 3If you are in a rush, towel drying might look like the best choice. Up to 95% of all people have no clue how to do it. They just start rubbing the towel on their scalp. Curious why there is so much hair on the towel then? This form of abuse will ruin your hair in the long run. Rubbing the towel is highly contraindicated. Instead, use it to tap the top of the head and push it slowly toward the hair tips. This way, water is absorbed while the scalp is safe.

Got metallic barrettes? How about rubber elastics? Unless these things come with textile covers, they are completely forbidden. They are harsh and abrasive. With time, they affect the scalp. Your hair turns rigid, but it may also tear apart. Textile covers are milder on the hair.

Hair MaintenanceWhen at home, forget about ponytails. Ponytails are good for outdoor protection, but let your hair free when the hairstyle is not so important. Get a bandeau if you feel uncomfortable when hair gets on your face, yet avoid the ones made of plastic.

Finally, air dry your hair as often as possible says Deziree Astra. It is important to plan your washing sessions with plenty of free time after.


As a short final conclusion, maintaining your hair in a healthy manner is not such a big challenge if you respect a few rules. Results are less likely to be too obvious, yet the negative effects tend to become devastating if you overlook such basic maintenance tips.