My Local Piece of Café Heaven

There are many wonderful things that could change a very bad day into a great day. One of those things is being able to continue through with your day to day routine without having anything go wrong for a change. Let’s face it, that’s highly unlikely for anyone. At least two times a week I venture out to a little coffee shop that’s located on the edge of town. It has a few other stores around it but nothing worth mentioning as most of them are closed or only open one day out of the week.

My small town was becoming smaller each and every year, but I still enjoyed going to this coffee shop because it was warm and friendly. The employees were amazing. They would come to the table you chose to sit at and take your order. This means that you no longer have to go up to the counter to get your coffee or cappuccino. I thought it was a very nice touch that most of the time the person who came to take my order would carry on a casual conversation with me or ask me how my day was and if there was anything they could do to improve it.

My Orders

I never ordered more than about ten dollars’ worth of things while at the coffee shop. My favorite thing to order was the chocolate or French vanilla cappuccino. This would come to my table steaming out of the cup and smelling wonderful. I was amazed at how much effort they put in to making the designs out of the foam and creating things within the whip cream. I would sometimes order a doughnut or a small coffee cake to go alongside of my beverage of choice.

Whenever I would walk into the coffee shop the great smell from all of the mixtures of beans and other ingredients in the shop would create an aroma that kept you coming back if only just to smell what the shop smelled like for that single day. It did not ever seem to smell the same as it had the day before. I normally would sit closest to the door or next to a window as I liked to watch outside more than I did what was inside.

Enjoying My Time

Being a mother of three children, I find that the quiet time that I have is pleasant especially if I can enjoy it over a cup of cappuccino at the local café with my laptop. Of course, the café has free Wi-Fi, which is another reason why I enjoy it and frequent it. I bring my laptop and browse the internet or work on some things for my job. Either way, I am in peace and quiet with wonderful beverages and a few great snacks. I find myself buying a paper and taking it to the café with me, just to look it over. My time at the café is my alone time. I can use it or waste it any way that I would like to.

Leaving the Café

Before leaving the café I always make sure that I finish whatever it is that I had purchased that day. I also pack up my laptop and other belongings and prepare them to leave. One of my frequent routines is to say goodbye to the employees. Many of them I know on a first name basis and they love to ask me about my children, even though they have never met them. They will assist me with current questions regarding the school or what not, and even help me figure things out if I seem to be distracted a lot.

The café is my own personal piece of heaven that I would like to keep to myself, but one day I do intend to bring the children in there to meet the wonderful friends that I have made throughout my visits there. Although my children are very hyper and the café setting would not be a quiet one with them present, I would like to eventually make it somewhere that they understand is quiet and relaxing. Maybe one day we will all go there with our devices and just sit and relax together.