Plastic Canvas for Personal and Financial Gain

Many people enjoy hobbies that they can do in their leisure time at home, while others may have hobbies that allow them to make an extra income with stitching. One of my hobbies for the past ten years has been creating projects with canvas, a glue gun, and yarn. The possibilities are endless with what you can create and you can choose to gift, sell, or keep the items that you make. Some items can be used around the house, while others can be used in the shed, car, or at your job.

Learning Plastic Canvas

I was grown when I finally found out that I wanted to create things with plastic canvas. I came across a friend’s mother completing a project and I was very interested. She offered to teach me how to do it and I was even more willing to sit down and listen. The possibilities of what I could create was endless, I could even create my own patterns and designs to benefit my current needs or wants.

My friend’s mother let me borrow some of her books that had patterns in them for me to begin my craft. I purchased the canvas sheets from the local multi-department store and the color of yarn that I wanted to use. I also found the correct needles as the regular sewing needles were too small for me to handle properly or allow for the yarn to enter through the small eye. There were specific needles that I needed and upon a few trips to a few different stores, I finally found exactly what I needed.

Although she had offered to help me learn, I learn better when I am teaching myself out of a book. I used a few of her books to teach myself about the different techniques of plastic canvas including back hooks and how to make the design look as if it was an original pattern. It was an enjoyable past time, but over time I wanted to do more. My mother’s birthday was coming up and I wanted to do something very special for her that could not be replaced. Creating her a plastic canvas tote that she could use for her file folders at work sounded like the ideal plan.

I set out on creating one that I had recently seen in one of my friend’s mother’s books. It was black with a maroon flower pattern on the front. It consisted of three different roses and petals and stems to give it a more elegant touch. It also had a carrying handle that was easy to make, but not so easy to put on, even with a hot glue gun. I decided that this would be a great gift, if I could only get it done in time. Needless to say I did not get it done before her birthday, but I did give it to her for Mother’s day and she was more excited to receive that than any store bought gift I could have purchased.

Decorating With Canvas

After learning more and more about plastic canvas I went online to search for new patterns to try. I came across several things that I could make for my house such as a toilet paper holder for my bathroom, or a giant doll house for my daughter. I really loved the look of the doll house and wanted to begin on it immediately but the thought dawned on me that there was no telling when I would be able to actually finish the doll house as it had taken the poster of it about three years to complete.

I did not see my daughter playing with the dollhouse at eleven years old, so I quickly scratched that amazing pattern and moved on. I found several things I could do and put into a frame as decoration around my house and even more that I could use for the table, chairs, and bathrooms. Since I have learned this craft, I have given gifts and designed patterns such as Christmas ornaments for my family and friends. I enjoy being able to create something from my hands, a ball of yarn, a needle, and a blank canvas.