Rowing Machines Explained…

71hmsI3XSiL._SL1443_I have been using rowing machines for years and one of my friends asked me why I favour a rowing machine over any other ie: bike, running machine etc.

I answered her question and explained the pro’s and cons, advantages and disadvantages, I am a big fan of rowing so trying to remain objective was quite hard. My fitness improved in such a short time and I toned up really quickly. I then thought actually if you are in the market to buy a piece of exercise equipment and wonder which type to buy to maximise your workout, I wanted to put a guide together that might help you in your choice.

Rowing machines are predominantly a cardiovascular workout machine but they do so much more than that, they help to tone your arms, build core strength and can help with back issues. So when you workout using a rowing machine you will get a combined workout as rowers exercise pretty much all of the body.

71X00LcqVOL._SL1500_Depending on your fitness goals, regular exercise on a rower can improve your fitness, assist you in losing weight, help you become stronger.  A rower can assist you to do this quickly.

A rowing machine is an amazing fitness workout machine for both men and women alike. When used at a less intensive level, a rowing machine is great for overall fitness, tone and weight loss, just look at Oxford and Cambridge rowers!

There are different types of rowers for differing fitness needs.  A Waterrower is the most like rowing on actual water and will give great fitness results. If you want to train intensely to maximise your fitness, Then Row Flow would definitely recommend the Waterrower and Concept 2 Rowing Machines for this, they are durable and easy to use.

Before Purchasing

When you are making a purchase there are several things that you need to look at.


As with any other piece of home fitness equipment be sure to check the warranty on the rower before making your purchase. Most rowing machines will come with at least a one year parts and labour warranty with manufacturers of higher quality rowing machines offering a two or even three years warranty.


concept2_rowing_machinePlease look into the amount of space you have before buying. Some machines can be bulky. Measure before you research and take the plunge and buy. If you have a limited amount of space for a rowing machine, there are some machines on the market which fold away and can be packed away quickly and easily.

Controls and Programmes

Some rowing machines have workout programmes which can make things more interesting with your workout but most do have these programmes.  Some newer models with electromagnetic resistance systems (which may mains power supply) are carrying this feature, so consider what you want.

Types of Resistance

rowing-machine_cm_3There are three main types of resistance options in modern rowing machines: air, magnetic and water (the fourth option of using hydraulic cylinders on a rower is a lot less popular these days).

Each variation of resistance has its own advantages and disadvantages but it really just depends on your preference and fitness requirements.


There is a rower on the market for every need. Fitness, weight loss, core strength, if you want some fun injected into your workouts. Every budget, every size. If you consider what your needs are, what your budget is, size requirements, there really is a rower for everyone out there.