The Difference Between a Snow Blower & Snow Thrower

The Difference Between a Snow Blower & Snow Thrower

If you happen to live in a place that is prone to snow, chances are you are going to need tools to remove the snow from your property. Most people prefer to remove the snow from their driveway and footpaths yet leave their lawn alone due to it being a time-consuming process. With old-school tools such as shovels, it indeed is a time-consuming task to do. However, with modern technology and pieces of machinery, you can now remove snow from your property at a much faster scale.

As human beings, we appreciate modern technologies since they make our lives easier. They help trim down the time it takes to do tedious tasks. Take for example the vacuum. With a vacuum, we are able to clean and tidy up our mess at a much faster rate.

So, what machineries are there available to help us?

Examples of types of machinery for snow removal are snow blowers and snow throwers. They work in a similar manner to a vacuum. Snow blowers and snow throwers suck in the snow and blow out what has been sucked out through a chute. There are few different types of snow blowers and snow throwers such as gas powered and battery powered ones.

The difference between snow blowers vs throwers?

At a glance, there isn’t that much difference between the two devices. They both get the job done in a similar manner. The only difference is the mechanism of how it runs. Snow throwers employ a single stage process meaning that it sucks in the snow and throws it out as it runs. Snow blowers, on the other hand, employ two-stage processes. In the first stage, it sucks in the snow and it gets stored into an impeller. In the second stage, a powerful fan blows out the snow that has been collected into the impeller earlier.

Here are a few other differences between the two:

  • The snow throwers are a little bit smaller than snow blowers.
  • With a snow thrower, what has been sucked into the machine will be ejected nearby.
  • With a snow blower, however, what has been sucked will be ejected much further away due to it being a two-stage machine.
  • Snow blowers are more suitable if you have a larger area to cover.

How about manually propelled vs self-propelled?

The biggest difference is, unfortunately, the price and the effort you have to put into it, self-propelled snow blowers run into the hundreds of dollars while manual propelled models can be found for under a hundred dollars. If you want to know the details I suggest you follow our link as they dedicate a complete article to the difference between self and manually propelled snow blowers. I can tell you though that if you care about the environment you might want to go for the manual one as that doesn’t generate any gases.

Summing it all up

With that in mind, you can decide for yourself which type you think best suits your need. Between the single-stage and two-stage machines, they both were created to serve different purposes. For example, if you have a smaller property, perhaps a single stage machine would be enough. If you, however, live in an area with heavy snowfall, a snow blower will definitely be a smarter choice.

Nowadays, you no longer need to spend long hours in the cold winter weather trying to get rid of the snowfall accumulated with old tools such as a shovel thanks to modern technology and pieces of machinery.