Top Instagram Mistakes Your Competitors Want You To Make

Instagram has grown over a short period to become one of the best tools for businesses to widen their reach. Everyone including entities, marketers, celebrities and of course the general public are tapping into this network on daily basis.

One aspect that has made Instagram to grow in leaps and bounds over just a short time is that HUMANS LOVE VISUALS. People are amazed when they see something in form of an image. Before you can say you have made it on Instagram, you need to understand that just sharing a few pictures isn’t enough, and it will not make your brand to stand out from the millions of accounts that are created every day on the platform.

One of the mistakes most marketers make is that they end up confusing their presence for quality marketing. Let us look at other mistakes.

Using Stock Images

You might get the best image online to use for your profile, but this is a huge mistake. Using stock imagery will make your account look plastic and amateurish. Instead, you need to base your account on reality.

Using stock images as a business makes it hard for you to convince your audience on your authenticity. Remember that your audience is looking for genuine engagement from you. The good thing is that the bar for authentic images online is very low. You don’t need a high-end camera to post authentic images; your smartphone will do just fine. However, you need to make sure the images and of decent quality and relevant to your cause.

Poor Captioning

We understand that Instagram is predominantly a visual platform, but this doesn’t mean that you use poor captions on the images. The caption you use allows you to add voice and context to your visuals. Ask yourself whether you expect an answer from your audience and if you have a call to action. Would you like people to tag their friends?

Don’t give obvious captions that won’t add value to your story. Your captions ought to be compelling and as informative as possible regarding your posts.

You might get followers from compelling imagery but if you don’t add any voice, you are missing out on the fans that will drive authentic engagement.

Bad Hashtags

We all know the role of hashtags in Instagram engagement. The right hashtags help the masses outside you’re your following to get your feed and engage. So, does it make sense for you to use common hashtags to engage the audience – wrong. The problem with using popular hashtags is that everyone is using them, and they become irrelevant very fast. You will be competing with thousands of other posts using the same hashtags. Instead, you need to be unique.

One of the ways to know how your hashtags are performing is to automate your engagement. You can do this by getting the right program from Using automation makes it easy for you to handle the engagement and know your performance.

Final words

Make sure you take time to understand what you need to meet your Instagram marketing target. Avoid the common mistakes that make you look like a noob.