Traveling to Greece After Graduating

Graduating from college within the top five of your class is an amazing feeling. So amazing in fact, my parents offered to send me somewhere as a graduation present. Traveling has always been a hassle as many of the things I need to work with, just aren’t available in other areas of the world. Instead of worrying about finding certain things when I arrive, I’ve learned to pack everything that I use on a daily basis. Because of the difference in watts from country to country, I had to make sure that I had arranged to carry a converter, for just in case purposes.

How I Pack

My normal luggage consists of my clothes and shoes that I will be using while abroad. However, I’m not a normal packer. When I pack, I do so where as it takes up every little inch within my suitcase. When packing shoes, I stuff them with socks and other small items so that there is no wasted space. With all of the articles of clothing and shoes packed nice and neatly within the suitcase, I begin with other things I’ll need such as my makeup bag and electronics.

My makeup bag could go on as a carry on, but I prefer to stuff it into my suitcase to be easily obtainable upon delivery and redressing. My flat iron, which is an amazing two inch flat iron that tackles my hair efficiently. After purchasing three or four different hair dryers over the past few years, I found the best tourmaline hairdryer to fit my needs and my budget. My hair dryer was packed neatly in a bag with the rest of my electronics.

My Destination

I could have chosen anywhere in the world to go, or at least anywhere that my parents saw fit to send me. Instead of the extravagant beaches of Jamaica or the calming seas of a cruise, I chose to fly to Greece. The mythology and museums were amazing additions to the knowledge that I had already obtained in my years of school. I had a special liking to learning new things about past civilizations as well.

My hotel was not that large, although I rarely spent any time there unless I was bathing or sleeping. I spent most of my time wandering the streets, trying to find certain familiar places to learn more on. Being I wasn’t from Greece, I had to guess when it came to directions. After finding several interesting locations and recording some notes on each, to share with my family and friends who wanted to know all about my trip.

The Interesting Mount Athos

I traveled many of the top destination spots of Greece, for tourists. I came across Mount Athos in a joke with an associate I had made in Greece. I found out that this was located in the northern part of Greece and housed a Monastery that only men could enter in.  It was occupied by nearly fourteen hundred monks whom controlled who was allowed to enter into the doorway of the monastery. I became interested in finding out more facts about this place, even though I knew I would never have an opportunity to enter it.

Places such as this, that are forbidden, seem to be the places that we all wish to visit. From abandoned houses to old national buildings that become condemned, anything off limits feels like an exciting rush to enter, especially if you’ve got something in mind that you’re looking for. In my case, a lot of my information has come from entering into places and actually researching them from the inside out. This has proven to be an interesting way of handling the unknown.

Upon arriving home from Greece, I met my parents and hugged them both. The trip was amazing and I was definitely excited to share all of the pictures and information that I had gained while staying in Greece. Although my parents and sibling are not very keen on traveling, history, or the information I had to give them, they all listened adamantly and smiled when they saw the growing excitement to return in my eyes. I don’t plan to go back for a few years, but when I do it will be an extended stay for at least three months.