What is a Conventional Home Loan

What is a Conventional Home Loan?

In simple terms, a conventional home loan offered by a bank and doesn’t have insurance from the federal government. By extension, this implies that the qualification requirements for this loan are stricter in comparison to home loans guaranteed by the government.

Just like all types of home loans, the current home rates and your credit score determine the interest you pay for a conventional mortgage. So, the loan may have a fixed or variable interest rate.

Down Payment

The main variation between conventional home loans and other types of home loans is the requirement to pay a down payment. Government-backed home mortgages attract relatively reasonable down payment conditions since their primary aim is to help buyers move into a home. The interest rate for conventional home loans may range from 5 to 20%.

Types of Conventional Home Loans

A conventional loan may be conforming or non-conforming and must adhere to the stipulation established by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

If the loan is conforming, it will have a cap on the maximum amount that you can get. In most states, the highest amount allowed for lending is $417,000 for a house. However, the figure may differ from one state to the other.

Non-conforming home loans, on the other hand, have a higher amount usually known as a jumbo loan. Also, a conventional home loan could have either a fixed or adjustable interest rate. Fixed rate conventional loans have a pre-determined rate for the time it will take you to repay your loan.

Adjustable rate loans come with an affordable initial charge for a pre-determined period after which adjustments can be made based on specific benchmarks such as the T-Bill or LIBOR index.

Qualifications for a Conventional Home Loan

If you have an income and a good credit score, you can qualify for a conventional home loan. A conforming loan requires that you pay an initial sum of three percent of your home’s value for a pre-determined rate or ten percent for a changeable rate.

If you want some cash, conventional funding will let you to borrow a maximum of eighty-five percent of your home’s value. On top of that, you can request for a pre-approval of the mortgage to help you find out the loan amount to expect.

It is important to mention that once you have made a down payment of less than 20% of your home’s value; your lenders will ask that you purchase conventional mortgage insurance.

Self-Storage Loans

At times, you may want to take a self-storage loan, to give you more rooms to store your belonging. You can do this as you wait for your conventional home loan to get approval. The beauty of storage loans is that they don’t attract a huge interest (depending on the repayment period, of course).

It is essential to shop for a reliable self-storage facility even before you start to apply of the loan. That way will know the loan amount to quote. You can get more information at Smart Lock Storage on where to shop for affordable self-storage space as per your needs.